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People of Faith: Moses
Meet the World's Greatest Dad
Thank You For Serving With A Heart Like Jesus
Why Is HCN Here?
People of Faith: Joseph
Can God Turn Bad Into Good?
Stephen: A Man Full Of The Holy Spirit
People of Faith: Abraham Part 2
The Early Church in Action
World Evangelism: Does That Mean Me?
People of Faith: Abraham
Going The Distance
What Does Friendship Have To Do With The Cross?
Two Part Series: The Price Love Paid
People of Faith: Noah
Visible Signs of a Sensible Steward
Three Part Series: Why is Lordship Necessary?
People of Faith - Enoch
What Does Lordship Mean?
A Biblical Model for Leadership
Lessons in Practical Holiness
Saturday Service: What's that in Your Hand?
Jesus: The Son of God
Jesus: Son of Man
Jesus: Son of Mary
Jesus: Joseph's Son
How Can I Say Thanks?
Who Is The Persecuted Church?
What Is The Lord's Supper?
What is the Ideal Kind of Life?
How is it Possible for Me to Live Without Guilt?
God's Promise for Financial Blessings
How Does the Book of Jonah End for You?
The Teaching God
The Longsuffering God
The Answering God
The Governing God
The Joy of Baptism and Its Power
Don't Leave This World Without Jesus!
Ministry - It's Not Just For Adele!
Does God Really Have My Best In Mind?
Is Baptism Necessary?
Findng Out Your True identity
God's Strategy for Victory
Why Does HCN Exist?
Mary, What Was It like To Be Jesus' Mother?
Fishing and Tending Sheep
The Easter Difference
The Triumphant Entry: What Was It Really About?
Discipleship: What Did Jesus Say?
Becoming The Godly Parent My Child Can Look Up To
A Farmer's Foolish Mistakes
God Is Able To Bring Deliverance
Where Did the Axe Head Fall?
Do You Understand What You Are Reading?
Move Forward OR Backward
Thy Kingdom Come
Practicing Hospitality
God's Grace is Plural
We Are Not in This Alone
We Are One Family: The Sacred Blend
Forgetting the Past - Reaching for the Best
Walking to Christ at Christmas
Learning What is Important to God: II
Learning What is Important to God: I
The Lord Is My Shepherd
Jesus, Compassionate Toward Others
Jesus, Intolerant at Times
Jesus: A Door to a Better Life
Backsliding: What Should I Do?
Prayer: How Do I Get Answers?
Jesus is Returning: How Do I Get Ready?
Peace: How Can I Obtain It
Wisdom: What Is It?
The Tongue: How Powerful Is It?
Obedience in Baptism Brings Joy!
Keep God in Full View
Faith: How to Understand It
Prejudice: How to be Free from It
God's Word: How to Grow From It
How Did I Get Myself Into This Mess?
The Day of Decision
Are There Consequences to the Choices I Make?
Our God is a Giving God
Know the Truth: It Will Set You Free
The God Who Reveals Himself
Receiving Your Father's Blessing
Remember Me As...
The Filling of the Holy Spirit is for Everyone
The God Who Is Powerful
Common Myths about Being a Mother
The God who is Merciful to Us
The Gift of Music
The God Who Encourages Us
The God Who Enables Us
Reasons for the Resurrection
Rebuilding Broken Lives
Restoring Our Fortunes
State of the Church Report
Rebuilding Our Relationships
Renewing Our Service
The God of Hope
What Do You Want Me to Do for You?
A Gift Worth Understanding
A Gift Worth Receiving
A Gift Worth Waiting
A Gift Worth Giving
God’s Transformation Extravaganza!
Characteristics of Faith
God Has a Purpose in All He Allows
How do I get God to Listen to Me?
God will give through You
Jesus: He wants to be Your Friend
Preparing for the Great Encounters of Life
The Burden of a Great Potential
In Search of a Perfect Christian
"Amazing" Scriptures mentioned in Pastor Dan's Sermon
For your continued study regarding Healing in the Bible, the following Scriptures are given to accompany the August 16th message at HCN. 
Is Healing for Everyone?
A New You—How to Know Who You Really Are
How Do I Choose a Mate?
No Matter What, Continue…!
Are You Living or Just Surviving
What Will It Be Like in the Last Days
Revealing the Mystery
I Love you Mother, But...
Forgiving Ourselves
Forgiveness: The ONLY Solution
Resurrection Openings
Going All the Way
When God says ‘No’ to His Chosen Leader
God's Plan for Total Victory
Lessons Learned While Wandering in the Wilderness Part 2
Lessons Learned While Wandering in the Wilderness
Biblical Qualifications for Church Leadership
You Are Wonderfully Made
Investments: What Jesus Taught
Giving: What Jesus Taught
Responsibility: What Jesus Taught
Developing a Life Style of Contentment in 2009
Give Yourself an Extreme Advantage in 2009
How to Experience Peace for the Holiday Season
The Church at Philadelphia: Loyalty
The Church at Laodicea: Lukewarmness
The Church at Sardis: Lifelessness
The Church at Thyatira: Libertinism
The Church at Perganum: Laxity
The Church at Smyrna: Longsuffering
The Church at Ephesus: Lovelessness
Repent... or Else!
The Church as God's Chosen People
The Church as the Temple of God
The Church as the Body of Christ
The Power of One
Jesus Baptism - My Baptism
Let the Music Begin
And Away She Goes - Momentum and the Early Church
The Power of the Risen Christ
The Church Comes Alive
Tell Me the Story of Jesus